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211 ITNS GEN What is Tax ID Number

What Is a Tax ID Number?

A tax ID number is a unique nine-digit number that represents people and other entities to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). The IRS as well as state revenue departments use tax ID numbers to identify people and other entities. To help you understand this concept, this guide looks at the different types of tax ID […]

210 Apply For An Estate EIN Number

Apply For An Estate EIN Number

Are you an estate administrator or a surviving spouse? Are you dealing with an estate that earned income? Or is it likely to earn income in the upcoming year? Then, you need to apply for a tax identification number for the estate. Luckily, it’s easier to apply for an EIN for an estate. It’s definitely […]

209 ITNS FAQ ENTITY C CORP How to Open a Bank Account for a Corporation

How to Open a Bank Account for a Corporation

Opening a bank account for a corporation can be a little more involved than opening a personal bank account. To open a bank account for a corporation, you should first have your corporation documents (such as your state registration), your employer identification number, and your articles of incorporation. This will give your banker more information about […]

207 ITNS FAQ ENTITY TRUST Where Can I Find a Trust Tax ID Application

Where Can I Find a Trust Tax ID Application?

Trust accounts frequently need tax IDs because they are often (though not always) separate taxable entities. One of the major benefits to opening a trust is the ability to control the amount that you are being taxed. However, if you’re looking for a trust tax ID application, there are some things you should consider. First, the […]


EIN vs Tax ID

If you’re starting a business or making an investment, you may have heard the terms “EIN” or “Tax ID.” These are important terms that you need to know, and they can be confusing. Specifically, an EIN is a nine digit code that the IRS uses to identify employers and tax paying entities. When used in […]

204 ITNS FAQ ENTITY TRUST Does a Charitable Lead Annuity Trust need a Tax ID EIN

Does a Charitable Lead Annuity Trust need a Tax ID (EIN)?

In short: Yes. But the longer answer is a little more complex. First, a charitable lead annuity trust is a special type of trust that delivers benefits to the donor, beneficiary, and charity. During a charitable lead annuity trust, a donor places their assets within an irrevocable trust account. This trust account (which does need its […]

203 ITNS FAQ ENTITY NPO Does a household Employer need a Tax ID EIN

Does a Household Employer need a Tax ID (EIN)?

A household employer is an individual who hires people around the house to do work, such as a nanny, gardener, or housekeeper. These individuals are generally not required to have an EIN, because they are hiring people for discrete work. It’s no different than hiring a company such as a plumber, electrician, or gardening and pest […]

201 ITNS FAQ ENTITY NPO Does a Employer Fiscal Agent under IRC Sec 3504 need a Tax ID EIN

Does an Employer/Fiscal Agent (under IRC Sec 3504) need a Tax ID (EIN)?

An employer/fiscal agent will need their own Tax ID EIN. Specifically, the employer will have their own EIN, and the fiscal agent (the entity responsible for performing the employer’s tax returns) will have their own EIN. The employee will still be hired by the employer and their EIN, whereas the fiscal agent will be responsible […]

200 ITNS FAQ ENTITY NPO Does a GMA Ginnie Mae need a Tax ID EIN

Does a GNMA (Ginnie Mae) need a Tax ID (EIN)?

GNMA (Ginnie Mae) is a governmental organization that guarantees mortgage-backed securities. When mortgages have been funded, they are then sold on a secondary market. GNMA facilitates this. Homebuyers in the market will ever interact directly with GNMA, except insofar as they may have a loan that is resold and repackaged under GNMA’s guarantee. When purchasing a […]

198 ITNS FAQ ENTITY NPO Does a FNMA Fannie Mae need a Tax ID EIN

Does an FNMA (Fannie Mae) need a Tax ID (EIN)?

Fannie Mae (FNMA) is a service that facilitates mortgage loans by both purchasing and guaranteeing them, though it does not directly provide mortgage loans. Banks will process FNMA loans which are then underwritten by the bank but guaranteed through FNMA. FNMA handles foreclosures for these mortgages and consequently may end up managing some of these properties, […]

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