How to Get a Tax ID (EIN) Number Online

How to Get a Tax ID (EIN) Number Online

How to Get a Tax ID (EIN) Number Online

There are a few different ways that you can get a tax ID number for your business. The most common way to get a tax ID number is to apply for one online. You can use an online tax ID service to get an EIN within a day by applying online. Once you have your EIN in hand, you can immediately start to use it.

To apply for a tax ID online, you’ll need to fill out an application and submit it. Once the application is approved, you will be given a tax ID number. If the application is incomplete or you need to add information, you’ll just have to file your application again.

What Documents Do You Need to Get a Tax ID Online?

In order to get a tax ID number online, you will need to have the following documents:

  • Your business name and address
  • The names of all owners and officers of the business
  • The business type (e.g., LLC, corporation, partnership)
  • The reason for applying for a tax ID number
  • Your Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

Either an SSN or an ITIN will work, but they aren’t the same thing. Either way, you’ll get an EIN.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Tax ID Online?

It usually takes less than a day to get a tax ID number online. However, if you apply for an EIN through the mail, it can take up to six weeks to receive your number. If you apply over the phone, it may take all day. Likewise, filing through fax can take several days or even weeks to process.

What Are the Alternatives to Getting a Tax ID Online?

If you are not comfortable applying for a tax ID number online, you can also apply for one by mail. To do this, you will need to download and print an application form. Once you have completed the application, you will need to send it in. It will be processed and your tax ID will be sent within four to six weeks. Note that if you don’t receive your tax ID number, it may be that there’s an issue with the form. If you have to file the form again, you’ll have to wait again.

Why Do You Need an EIN?

As a business owner, you will need to have an EIN for many different reasons. For example, you will need an EIN to open a bank account in the name of your business. You will also need an EIN to file your taxes. In addition, you may need an EIN if you plan to hire employees.

An EIN is also sometimes referred to as a Tax Identification Number (TIN). However, an EIN is different from a Social Security Number (SSN). An SSN is used to track an individual’s earnings and taxes. An EIN is used to track a business’s taxes.

You can apply for an EIN online, by mail, or by fax. The easiest and quickest way to get an EIN is to apply for one online.

Does Every Business Need an EIN?

No, not every business needs an EIN. However, most businesses will need one. The only businesses that don’t need an EIN are sole proprietorships with no employees. If you have a sole proprietorship with no employees, you can use your SSN as your Tax Identification Number.

You may also need an EIN to get tax-free goods for resale.

If you are a sole proprietor with employees, or if you have a partnership, corporation, or LLC, you will need to get an EIN.

How Much Does it Cost to Get an EIN?

The cost to file for an EIN can vary depending on the service you use, but the cost shouldn’t be significant.

Do You Need to be a Citizen to Get an EIN?

No, you don’t need to be a citizen to get an EIN. You can apply for an EIN even if you are not a citizen of the United States.

When Do You Need to Get Your EIN?

You should get your EIN as soon as you start your business. This way, you will have it when you need it. Otherwise, you could find yourself missing deadlines as you wait for your EIN to process.

How Should You Use Your EIN?

Once you have your EIN, you can use it to open a bank account, file your taxes, and hire employees. You will need to give your EIN to your bank when you open a business account. You will also need to use your EIN when you file your taxes. When you hire employees, you will need to give them your EIN so that they can fill out their tax forms correctly.

If you’re a sole proprietor, sometimes your SSN or EIN may be used interchangeably. But it’s better to use your EIN when you can, as this represents your business and your business activity.

Common Mistakes When Filing for an EIN

The most common mistake is forgetting to sign the application. If you’re filing online, you may click the wrong button, or may not save the signed copy of the digital document.

Another common mistake is putting the wrong business address on the application. This can cause your EIN to be delayed, as well.

Make sure to double-check the information on your application before you submit it. This will help to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes that could delay your EIN.


Getting a tax ID number online is the most common and efficient way to get an EIN. It’s fast, easy, and you can have your number in hand within a day. However, if you’re not comfortable applying online, you can also apply by mail. An EIN is essential to many of the processes of operating a business and you should get an EIN when you create your business.

Written by Maurice Mallory