Does a Government, Federal/MiliLIVEtary need a Tax ID (EIN)?

8/16/2022Though government entities may be exempt from many things, government entities (such as military entities) still do need to have federal tax IDs. Federal tax IDs identify a governmental (or other) organization, in terms of payroll taxes, employee hiring, banks, and more. Government entities generally act as companies, with similar organizational structures. They will need tax IDs for W9 and W2 forms.

Members of the military themselves still have to pay taxes, and they will receive a W2 and other tax documents from the military. Military organizations will acquire their federal tax IDs as formed, and members of the military who need this information can refer back to their employment papers. Though most military organizations are going to be exempt from taxes, they may still need to file tax returns, and they may still need to file for their exempt status. All these things require that the organization have its own EIN.


Written by Maurice Mallory