What is a Government, Federal/Military? | IRS Definition of a Government, Federal/Military

Under the United States government, there are four major branches of the military: the Air Force, the Army, the Marine Corps, and the Navy. There are also four other uniformed services that are considered to be adjacent, though they are not part of the military proper: the Coast Guard, the USPHS Commissioned Corps, the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps, and the Space Force.

Military entities are public entities that are funded through tax dollars and do not pay taxes. However, those within government, military entities do still pay taxes, though they may sometimes have substantial tax breaks. Only the federal government has dominion over military branches; state and local governments do not. The four major branches of the military have existed for decades and the only recent addition to uniformed troops was the Space Force, introduced in 2019. It is the first branch of the military introduced since the US Air Force was introduced in 1947.


Written by Maurice Mallory