What Type of Business Loan Should I Apply For?

Launching a company is an exciting dream for entrepreneurs, but this doesn’t mean there won’t be operational and logistical challenges along the way. Financing is a big hurdle small business owners will face at some point. Fortunately, there are many methods for businesses to access cash, including business loans. Owners can pursue various small business […]

How to Get a Small Business Loan

Running one’s own business is an exciting venture, but one of the challenges many entrepreneurs face is how to obtain financing to expand upon the dream. This is true for startups or for business owners seeking to grow their companies. Loans are often needed to help purchase equipment and supplies, cover payroll, open new locations, […]

How to Get Local Permits & Licenses

Beginning the journey to entrepreneurship is an exciting prospect. However, before jumping in and getting started, you’ll want to make certain your company secures the correct business permits and licenses it needs to operate in accordance with local laws. Not following your state, city, or county’s laws can result in severe penalties and problematic issues. […]

How to Hire Employees

The employees you hire can help transform your company. Whether you’re currently a one-person operation or a large corporation, the employees you hire can add value to your company. Bringing on new employees empowers you to expand, access innovative ideas, and diversify skills. However, you want to be selective in who you hire, ensuring new […]

How to File Your Business Taxes

As a business owner, regardless of your company’s size or industry, you’ll have to file federal, state, and local taxes each year. Tax season can feel overwhelming when you have a mountain of other tasks to juggle on a daily basis. Knowing how and when to file your taxes can ease the burdens associated with […]

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For An EIN

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is an IRS-assigned number to recognize a business entity that operates in the United States. An EIN is used for any business tax returns or legal purposes. You may apply for an EIN by fax, mail, telephone (International applicants), or the fastest way – applying online. To apply, fill out […]

The Benefits Of Having A Federal Tax ID Number For Your Business Finances

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique nine-digit tax identification number given by the IRS to businesses, organizations, and other entities for filing taxes and reporting purposes. This EIN works as a federal tax identification number which you will need to pay federal taxes, hire employees, create a business bank account, and apply for […]

Benefits Of Using An External Filing Service To Obtain An EIN

One of the earliest administrative tasks for any business or organization is to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). The EIN is a number issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify businesses in the U.S. for tax purposes. Applying for an EIN is a procedure that involves several steps and requires relevant […]

The Difference Between An EIN And A State Tax ID Number

If you are an owner of a business or an organization that has to file tax returns, you may know that you need to apply for a tax ID number. You may have come across the terms EIN and State Tax ID Number, but how are they different and which one applies to you? In […]

Tax ID Numbers And Freelancers: What You Need To Know

Do I need to pay taxes as a freelancer? Do I need an EIN as a freelancer? Any business operating in the U.S. needs to pay taxes – this is no different for freelancers. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) uses Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) as a way to identify individuals in the execution of tax […]