Where Can I Find a Corporation Tax ID Application?

You can file for a tax ID (also known as an EIN) either during the process of establishing your corporation or once your corporation has been established already. Sometimes a corporation can exist for some time before they need a tax ID, because a tax ID is prompted by a number of things: hiring an employee, getting a sales tax permit, getting an excise permit, and more. The fastest way to find a tax ID application is to contact a tax ID service.

A tax ID service will collect your business information for you and submit your tax ID request online. Within an hour, you should receive it. If there are any issues, you can resolve them and reapply.

If you file for a tax ID through the mail or through fax, you may find yourself waiting up to five days (for fax) or five weeks (for mail). During this time, you won’t be able to complete any forms or applications that require a tax ID.

It should also be remembered that a tax ID can be ambiguous: You may also need a sales tax ID, for instance, which could also be called a tax ID.

Written by Maurice Mallory