Where Can I Find an S-Corporation Tax ID Application?

You’ve started an S-Corporation and you need a Tax ID application. In fact, you need it as soon as possible; you can’t hire employees without it, you can’t open business bank accounts without it, and you definitely can’t file your taxes without it.

Finding a Tax ID application isn’t a problem. The Tax ID application is available online. You can fill out a hard copy and send it through mail or fax, or just directly through the internet. But the amount of time it takes to process is going to be variable based on how you submit it. If you submit it online, you can get an EIN/Tax ID back in an hour for an S-Corp.  If you file it through the mail, you may be waiting up to six weeks.

How should you file your application? A tax ID service will be able to help. A tax ID service validates your information before sending it in, so you aren’t just waiting only to find out that your application has been rejected. You can file online through a tax ID service and get your tax ID quickly, which is important if you have other forms and accounts you need to fill out or establish.


Written by Maurice Mallory