Where Can I Find a Non-Profit Organization Tax ID Application?

A non-profit organization isn’t taxed. But it still does need to file tax returns, and it needs to fill out a tax ID application; some of its tax returns even need to be public. For most non-profit organizations, the ideal time to fill out a tax ID application is during the formation of the non-profit. But a tax ID can also be acquired later, so the non-profit can file its tax returns, open a bank account, hire employees, pay excise and payroll tax, and more.

To find a non-profit organization tax ID application, look online for a tax ID service. A tax ID service will give you an online form to fill out, which includes some basic information about your non-profit, as well as why your non-profit organization is applying for a tax ID now. (Usually it’s because it’s a new non-profit.) Once you’ve filled out the form, just wait about an hour and you should receive your non-profit tax ID. You can begin using this tax ID immediately on forms and documents, no processing time required.



Written by Maurice Mallory