How to Open a Bank Account for a Church

Opening a bank account for a church is similar to opening a bank account for any other business or organization. First, the church is going to be required to have all its formation documents. Like a business, the church has to have articles that describe its organization, how it works, and who is ultimately in charge. This is for regulatory purposes.

In addition to this, the church will need to have its EIN Number. An Employer Identification Number is what distinguishes the church as a separate entity in the eyes of the federal government. Churches still need to file taxes under their EIN, they just don’t need to actually pay taxes if they’re a registered non-profit. An EIN can be acquired by mail, but the fastest way is online. At the bank, the individuals in charge of the church will need to all be present. These are going to be the signers on the bank account, and they will need to furnish their own personal information, including their dates of birth, mailing addresses, and SSN or ITIN. From there, the banker will be able to open the bank account.

Written by Maurice Mallory