Does a Political Organization need a Tax ID (EIN)?

A political organization generally refers to a group that is intended to support an individual candidate in their run for office. These organizations are non-profit groups that need to be filed with the IRS, and will consequently still need a tax ID. Political organizations may have to hire staffers, in which case the tax ID will serve as an Employer Identification Number. While they may be exempt from federal taxes, they will still need to pay payroll taxes.

Political organizations can acquire an EIN online or through the mail, and should get one as soon as they are organized. The organization will need their EIN to open bank accounts and lines of credit, and to file their taxes at the end of the year, including claiming their exemption. They may also need their tax ID for things like getting licenses and permits for events. Luckily, getting an EIN is a fairly simple process; if it’s acquired online, it can be acquired within an hour.


Written by Maurice Mallory