Does a Church-Controlled Organization Need a Tax ID (EIN)?

A church-controlled organization, being a separate organization from the church itself, does need its own Church Tax ID or EIN Number. This EIN will be used to open bank accounts, hire employees, get permits from the state, and generally operate and run the organization. An EIN functions much like a social security number, but for organizations rather than individuals. Church-controlled organizations include things like college campuses, teams, and even hospitals. These organizations can be small or very advanced and will need to do things such as file tax returns, even if they don’t need to actually pay taxes.

Getting an EIN is a simple process, and it’s part of creating the organization initially. An organization is able to get an EIN through phone, fax, mail, or online. If the EIN is acquired online, it’s usually a process that takes under an hour. By mail, it may take up to four to six weeks. The EIN should be acquired when the organization is created, but it can be acquired later on.

Written by Maurice Mallory